we are woopa, a creative and strategic agency from Warsaw.

We build marketing strategies for clients tired of aggressive and mismatched advertising. For those who want their budget to be used knowingly and with a clear purpose, not tested by trial and error.

Our strategies are based on the psychology of human behaviour and the modern marketing knowhow. With the developed strategic line, we can create a visual identity for your brand and meaningful advertising creations.

Our mission is to change the way people do marketing in Poland. We want to share our knowledge, we want to build marketing strategies that matter.

we are woopa, a creative and strategic agency from Warsaw.

BBC is the client with whom we have 11 years of continual cooperation. During this period we had the pleasure to work with 14 different markets. In addition to Poland, they were, among others: UK, Scandinavian countries, Romania, Turkey, South Africa, Hong-Kong.


From 2012 we've been running in full range 4 Channels Facebook pages (strategy, content, moderation, ads campaigns). Together we also created over 50 advertising campaigns (online and print, including large-format prints, 3D citylights and mural), branded 17 events and 3 conference rooms and recorded 6 radio ads.


The other stuff are really hard to count... It's hundreds of individual print projects, hundreds of branded gadgets and a huge number of creative brainstorms! But these are only numbers. The most precious is the relationship we built with the Brand and its People over all these years.

Woopa have been our creative agency of choice for many years now. From account management and creative ideation through to campaign planning and execution – the services they provide are always faultless. Experts in their field they are both agile and responsive ensuring they continually meet our ever shifting business needs. Woopa truly care for our brands as much as we do. They are a much-trusted partner and a first-class creative agency.

Head of Digital Marketing and Websites

BBC Studios


During 5 years of work with M2 Films we have promoted 55 movies together. Fifty five. And it continues.

Our main job is to run advertising campaigns in Social Media and a strategic consulting in this area. In addition, we helped M2 Films to create graphic designs for several movies, including awe-inspiring and thought-provoking "Królestwo" (Les Saisons) or Oskar winner "Green Book".

Our campaigns reached over 11 million of polish Facebook users, serving them over 213 million ads impressions. We supported movies both in terms of brand recognition and reach, as well as promoting related events, getting people engaged into their content, and encouraging to buy the post premiere DVDs.

Thanks to the advertising support for the "Green Book" movie, over a million people went to the cinema.

Współpraca między M2 Films i woopą rozpoczęła się w październiku 2015 roku. Od tamtego czasu wspólnie zrealizowaliśmy dziesiątki kampanii. Inspirują nas i wspierają w czasie intensywnych działań, dzięki nim jesteśmy też na bieżąco ze wszystkimi nowymi rozwiązaniami reklamowymi. Strategiczne podejście, kreatywność, wyjątkowa elastyczność i szybkość reakcji, a także ogromny zasób wiedzy czynią z woopy niezrównanego partnera biznesowego.

Dyrektorka działu promocji i PR

M2 Films

During 4 years of work with FOX Group we have developed and successfully implemented the Social Media strategy for the FOX Comedy brand.

Here are some essential numbers: over 3000 posts in Social Media (FB, IG, TT), 3 Facebook competition apps, over 30 advertising campaigns that reached over 3 million people, huge organic increase in the number of Instagram followers from 400 to 12000 and 1 Social Media Style Guide.


Meanwhile we did also some Social Media content packs for FOX brand (including video clips, video memes, gifs). And we learned that working with our favourite series is nothing but pleasure.

Z woopą współpracuję w zakresie obsługi mediów społecznościowych dla kanału telewizyjnego FOX Comedy od 2015 roku. Woopa to kompetentny zespół zaangażowanych profesjonalistów, o bardzo proklienckim podejściu. Agencja konsekwentnie realizuje strategię naszej firmy, sugerując także nowe rozwiązania. Doceniam nie tylko wkład Woopy w budowanie wizerunku naszej marki, ale także elastyczność we współpracy, łatwość w adaptowaniu się do zmian i szybkość reakcji, a także niesłabnącą pogodę ducha i poczucie humoru – wartości nie do przeceniania w przypadku współpracy z kanałem komediowym.

Senior Brand Manager

FOX Network Group

We also worked with

Sony Entertainment, Radisson Blu, ITI Neovision, TVN24, TVN, Aster, Lindt, Żywiec, Unilever, Tymbark, Bonduelle, Ambra, Agora, GWP, Eurobank, PDK, Getin Bank, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Nepentes, Jelfa, Enel-med, Nobiles, Nova, Amica, Sanitec KOŁO, Keramag, Artgeist, Vattenfall, PARP, Center for International Relations, Chopin 2010 Celebrations Office


If you think about it, conversation is the starting point for almost every worthwhile relationship.


We can work, we can create, we can solve problems together. Or we can just have a nice chat over a cup of coffee. The easiest way to get in touch is to write. Feel free to ask questions or simply share your thoughts with us.

Thanks! We will get in touch as soon as possible.

I have worked with woopa for a few years across various projects. The implementation of various ideas into design and execution was always to the highest standards. They become great brand ambassadors for the brands that they work with. Woopa’s dedication is unique, they are patient, hard-working, always open to new ideas and finding tailored solutions. I fully trust them to deliver on their assignments and they are a pleasure to work with.

Marketing Manager

BBC Studios

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